At David’s Pizza Connections, we believe that every meal should begin with a burst of flavor, and our collection of appetizers and sides is designed to do just that. From mouthwatering bites to satisfying accompaniments, our offerings set the stage for a culinary adventure that goes beyond the ordinary.

Chicken Tenders (5pcs) : $5.95, 7(pcs) : $7.95

Mozzarella Sticks (6pcs) : $4.75

FrenchFries : $2.50, Onion Rings: $3.95


Prepare your taste buds for a symphony of garlic-infused delight with our Garlic Bread Extravaganza. Our garlic bread is a culinary masterpiece, featuring perfectly toasted artisanal bread generously adorned with a savory garlic spread. Each bite is a heavenly combination of crunchy crust and a burst of aromatic garlic flavor, setting the standard for the ultimate garlic bread experience.

Served with a side of Marinara;

Bread sticks (5pcs): $4.00 with cheese $4.75

Ciabatta Garlic Bread (4pcs): $4.00 with cheese $4.75